CRM for SaaS Business Reviews & Pricing

As a SaaS business, you likely understand the consumerisation of B2B (how business software is looking and acting more like simple consumer apps). Employees at SaaS companies tend to be much more tech-savvy than employees at companies of other industries, нow to find best CRM for startups but it’s still important that you’re not choosing something that is a pain to use. Keep these things in mind when evaluating the features that matter to your business. SAP Service Cloud offers custom quotes only, so you’ll need to contact the sales team.

best CRM for SaaS startups

Keep in mind that Pipedrive CRM is sales focused and might lack some marketing features. Ideally, your best CRM and your customer service application will be on the same platform, along with your marketing automation software. This means that your Go-to-Market teams (sales, marketing, customer service) are all sharing a database and therefore can get a 360-degree view of the customer. When you are building your CRM software list, look for a CRM platform.

Benefits of using CRM for startups

You can also forecast monthly and annual recurring revenue to predict growth with greater accuracy and understand your best customers to nurture the most profitable relationships for your business. Close is the most expensive CRM option we’re looking at in this section but it also offers up some of the most advanced features. If the majority of your sales and marketing efforts are going to take place over the phone, then this is one CRM you definitely want to take a look at. Pipedrive encapsulates everything mentioned in the summary above with its CRM platform.

  • From here on, you can track this lead and continue to nurture your relationship.
  • Keep track of leads and develop custom reports for your sales team.
  • Salesflare is a CRM tool that intelligently brings the opportunities to the surface for which action is due and shows the information you need to take.
  • Employees at SaaS companies tend to be much more tech-savvy than employees at companies of other industries, but it’s still important that you’re not choosing something that is a pain to use.
  • And then, of course, there are a whole bunch of acronyms that are themselves NSFW.
  • The best CRM for SaaS companies gives businesses full visibility over their pipeline, allowing sales and marketing teams to work together instead of operating in silos.

All you need to access a SaaS CRM is an active internet connection and a device. Salesforce has a multifunctional ecosystem where you can add services based on your requirements. Otherwise, feel free to explore all the options we’ve reviewed on the market to find something that might fit you a little better.

Reports & analytics

Close is a CRM tool for starting up to manage your relationships with leads and customers. It offers impressive sales automation features which can help nearly any lead generation or sales process. This CRM software helps you centralize much of your lead generation and sales pipeline and organizes your entire team.

best CRM for SaaS startups

Its free resource library helps you immediately unpack your sales goals and make the most of the Close environment. Whether you’re a small business or a big one, you need excellent outreach services from your CRM. The same is true whether you have dedicated sales and marketing teams or are a small, all-in-one department. Sales is a numbers game, and if you’re not constantly reaching out, you’re losing. The “Sugar Sell” sales automation tool is priced at $80/month/user and offers 60 GB storage along with phone support. At Kalungi we’ve worked with close to a hundred SaaS companies at all stages of their growth).

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Thankfully there are now many CRMs that require minimal training, with intuitive UX, general ease of use, and ease of access to information. A well-designed user interface will ensure your whole team actually uses it. Easy to implement CRM tool that helps focus on activities that close deals. Sign up for a DigitalOcean account to start building your product on DigitalOcean’s virtual servers, databases, and more. Use this template to see your customer relationships at a glance across more than ten different views.

best CRM for SaaS startups

But the basic Salesforce Sales Cloud product currently starts at $25 per user per month. But the downside is that you can’t use Pipedrive for all your work management needs. So, it can’t offer the scalability that the likes of SmartTask, Monday, HubSpot, and Zoho can. Platforms with sales CRM features will include automated sales forecasting tools, which incorporate metrics on deal value and the probability of deal close.

Maximizer CRM

Users who don’t want to spend a lot of time on customization should go for SugarCRM. Customer retention is very important for good business and it basically means to create a life-long relationship with the customers with whom firms are satisfied. All this is done to increase the growth of the company and establish an important position in the market. CRM software is such a tool that increases, simplifies, consolidates and secures the engagement of a firm with its customers.

They are the ones that will leave positive reviews online (Capterra/Software Advice/G2, GetApp, SourceForge, CrowdReviews, SoftwareFindr, Google reviews). Ideally, they will also drive referral sales through referral programs created by marketing. So, there you have it – 34 great CRM software options for you to choose from. Frankly, all these options are great and when it comes to selecting one, figure out what your business needs at the present moment.

FreeAgent CRM

Using this awesome CRM, you can take action, remain organized, and stay in control of your sales funnel. All you have to do is just log in, enter contact details into the pipeline and start selling to your customers. This tool is suited for small to medium marketing teams and SaaS companies. With its useful insights and workspace columns, teams can communicate their goals to each other, set deadlines that work for everyone, and speed up their sales cycles.

best CRM for SaaS startups

The goal of any startup SaaS company is to reach as many people as possible quickly, then convert as many of those people as possible into leads that stick around for the long haul. The feature set of a good CRM lets businesses do that in a fraction of the time it would take to do it manually with even the best staff. It’s a powerful cloud software suite and offers different SaaS applications for businesses of all sizes. Most of the above-mentioned CRM tools have excellent campaign management and effective sales CRM software features that will put your startup on the map, with an affordable price tag to go with it. is a smart sales prospecting tool with an emphasis on the next action.

SaaS CRM: Features, Benefits and Best SaaS CRM Software

It’s great for tech startups and SaaS companies that need a hassle-free solution with intuitive menus and easy-to-use features. The website offers a variety of forms for lead capture, email marketing, and reporting. SugarCRM is a user-friendly platform built on open-source technologies like JavaScript and PHP to enable mobile computing solutions.